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Stroke of Midnight !

* In response to Daily Post’s prompt for 1st January 2016 Stroke of Midnight

So, the lovely folks at Daily Post have posed this lovely question with today’s prompt.

Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

Well, answering the first part, at midnight, I was fast asleep tucked into my bed, and probably snoring. ( I seriously hope I do not snore! ) Coming to the second part, do I want to be somewhere else? No, and a vehement one while I am at it.

  • Why I do not want to be somewhere else needs a little bit of playback. Before I went to sleep, I had a wonderful long talk with D, (my better half, and when I say better, I sincerely mean it! ). The talk included a billion of my usual anxieties and concern, lots of fake complaints to N and about N, and an odd genuine question that was nagging me.
  • Before that, I spent some time with my sister R who was visiting me talking about nothing in particular and everything in general, talking about avoiding sweets for a while and then sharing a slab of chocolate.
  • Before that, I had a chat with N about where I want to celebrate the next New Years Eve, another of our chats which lead to nothing in particular. Before that, we sat down to a simple meal, with minimum processed ingredients, and which was cooked a just a while before we actually sat down to dinner.
  • Before that, I decluttered my wardrobe, with N in the background, catching up on his dose of TV series, with his earphones, totally oblivious to my presence and laughing out loud at something stupid! My first reaction to this is usually a short bout of annoyance but I secretly like it! (I hope N doesn’t read this!)

So, As you can see, for me, the last day of 2015, was no different from the day before that, and the one before that, and the one before that… And I wouldn’t mind it one bit if the first day of 2016 is just the same. And so are the rest of them. Why? Because that is what I cherish the most. Because these small joys are something I wouldn’t trade for any other treasures in the world. Because they are the world for me! 🙂 Happy New Year to you!