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Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Cowpeas and Red Bell Pepper Salad!

So, if you have been following me on Instagram , you would have probably figured that most if the salads I make follow a sort of a formula. Usually, I pick up one vegetable that I am otherwise reluctant to eat in large quantities or I am not very comfortable with and centre the salad around in. If I stumble up a good recipe involving my star ingredient, voila! Otherwise, I pick up one source of protein, usually a bean or legume I haven’t eaten in a while, throw in a few complimentary/routine salad veggies like onions, tomatoes, carrots and sorts and pick out a vinaigrette dressing. And there, you have a salad for your meal without kicking up a huge fuss! Sounds easy and fun no? 😀

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Red Cowpeas ( लोबिया or લાલ ચોળા ), Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Red Bell Pepper Salad with Olive Oil + a little Honey + Lemon juice + Apple Cider dressing for the #SaladDinner tonight – Salad 26 of #100happysalads ! Recipe inspiration from @averiesunshine 's Roasted Sweet Potato Salad! 😊 So, technically it was a soup night, but I got lazy about grocery shopping and so I leafed through already bookmarked ideas, finally zeroing in on this. *RANT ALERT!* Before anyone starts a sort of cynic debate on sweet potatoes, I am not on a low carb diet. I am conscious trying to move away from food bashing. Everything in moderation nourishes the body. So, I would rather try and work on the balance, rather than limiting all the food from my diet. One protein ( beans ), one carb (sweet potatoes) and vegetables (red bell pepper, tomatoes, onions, cucumber) and a little fat (oil in the dressing) serves my purpose of eating more vegetables and pulses in one go. I cannot eat 1 measuring cup full of beans + lot more veggies in a meal if I make the traditional sabzi roti. Just because that is the way my eating habits are. So I resort to this. It might not be low carb, but it serves my purpose so, I am one happy person! *hugs the bowl of salad more tightly* Rant over! If you are still reading, thanks a bunch for bearing with me! 😘 #saladnight #saladfordinner #cowpeas #blackeyedpeas #lobia #vegan #veganfriendly #averiecooks #srujans100happysalads

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Roasted Beetroot and Chickpeas Salad!

Do you hate beetroot? I totally get it, I used to hate them too. I have no clue why. The strange thing is, even as a kid, somewhere in the subconscious region of my brain, I knew that beetroots are good for me, but I was always wary. People who loved beets were a source of admiration for me, no kidding! I am not being sarcastic, I, and of course my mom, we tried out best, to get me to like beetroot, but it was probably not destined to be so.  Then, recently, on my trip to Coorg, I tasted this amazing Beetroot and Peanut Salad and it was so so good! I genuinely liked it and the experience sort of emboldened me to try beetroot in other ways. So, when I stumbled up this recipe here by Guy Fieri on Food Network, I knew it was the universe giving me a signal! ❤ Ok, I am done being melodramatic. Over to the recipe!

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Bean Sprouts and Raw Mango Salad ~ Summers Salads FTW!

So, I was wondering what memories does summer invoke in you? Growing up in urban India, for me, it was not the romantic nostalgia everyone talks about. Summer vacations of course, but not the climbing the mango trees, playing gully cricket with pals, looting fruits from neighbours’ trees kind. It was more urbane and equally fun, if not more. The details are not very interesting obviously, but I can say I have no complaints. Of course, I do love the previous kind and have no grudges against it, it’s just that I don’t relate to it very much. But, one thing I do relate to is Mangoes. I don’t ga-ga over ripe Mangoes ( don’t beat me up, that’s how I am!! ) like my dad, who eats mangoes for (breakfast + lunch + dinner) x 2, but raw mangoes are something I like! ❤ Plain salted, pickled or in snacks, raw mangoes are wow!

So with the sun not relenting here in Bangalore, and the rains playing peekaboo, I decided to get back to my salad dinners. And this is what I found out looking for ways to put some moong beans to a good use. I realised that Raw Mangoes have an under-utilised potential when it comes to salads. Also, the dressing paired with it told me it was going to work. The tamarind jaggery chutney we Indians devour in large amounts in Chaats every summer is quite similar to this dressing with a few changes. So, emboldened by these thoughts, I decided to give it a try and we LOVED it!

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Roasted Potato and Kidney Bean Salad!

So, a while ago, I was looking for recipes to use kidney beans in ways other than traditionally used in Indian cooking, such as Rajma Chawal and sorts, when I stumbled upon this recipe by Naturally Ella here. While, I did not have sweet potatoes that day, and I was too lazy to make a grocery trip, I used carrots and regular potatoes. Sure, it tasted yum. But then, I made another salad with roasted sweet potatoes, and I must say, I will make this again with sweet potatoes some day. Over to the recipe, because, well, you are here for the recipe, and not for my yip-yapping!

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Strawberry, Spinach and Cottage Cheese Salad!

This Salad was a winner by all means! We both ate raw spinach in a salad for the first time but didn’t felt like  we were torturing ourselves. Also, this was my first time attempting the balsamic reduction, and I love its pairing with other sharp citrusy flavors.The strawberries are in season, so no more excuses of not buying enough berries.

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Beet Root and Peanut Salad!

Beet is a relatively innocuous looking vegetable. But, somehow I have never liked it. At least not until now anyway. Raw or steamed, Beet somehow never appealed to my taste buds. I used to have gag reflexes even at the thought of having beet. So, what changed? Nothing changed, until very recently. We were on a holiday in Coorg. We had stayed a pretty home stay called Honey Valley. And this beauty was served as a part of the delicious , home style cooked spread. And, due to our recent enthusiasm for all things salad, me and dear husband never ignore salads as a part of meals.

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Moroccan Chickpea and Carrot Salad ~ banishing my dislike for carrots!

As a child, I have not really liked carrots raw. They are sweet, they are nice, but as  a kid, my objection to the chopped carrots in a salad was that they had to be chewed for a longer time! 😉 Yes, I was lazy as kid, no I did not grow into a lazy adult!

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Panzanella Salad ~ And a pretentious, yet honest, recipe!

Being a human with a pulse and having access to the internet, I am sure you all would have definitely heard about the honest trailers / honest reviews/ honest advertisements series going viral these days. If not, please go to Google Devta and enlighten yourselves. You can thank me later.

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Saladu Ñebbe – Black Eyed Peas Salad from Senegal!

Some time ago, dear Husband and I made a pact to eat light dinners twice a week. That is when I thought of trying out 100 different (sometimes repeated if I really like them… ooooh that watermelon feta one) salads which make me happy. Why happy, I will tell you. Numero Uno, I don’t have to slog over the stove in the kitchen that night Yay! That count right! You would know if you cook regularly. And second, the satisfaction of shoving in something fresh and healthy into my belly. Now, I literally stalk Instagram and Pinterest for ideas. I have already ventured into 2 digits, which you will be able to see here on my Instagram feed, but haven’t yet posted to the blog. I will get right onto that, once I finish chomping on my rabbit food!

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