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Matar Paneer – Green Peas and Paneer in a simply spiced Tomato based gravy!

Matar Paneer ( literally translates to Green Peas and Paneer ) is longer a curry that we make on special occasions in our household. It is made instead on days when I am at my wit’s end and don’t want to cook something elaborate. You know, “take out is not a healthy option but I don’t want to get up from the couch either” kind of days. I usually have frozen peas and a pack of paneer in the freezer so this is a curry of convenience for us. As always, I don’t claim my version is authentic, it has evolved to this form over a couple of years, out of the necessity to keep it short and simple, rather than an attempt at perfection. But it is quick and you won’t need a lot of time of ingredients to rustle this one up. So, here you go, below is the recipe of my faux/no onion no garlic Matar Paneer curry.

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Kadhai Paneer, or let us just say, my take on Jigg Kalra’s Kadhai Paneer!

Growing up, Paneer Butter Masala was my favourite thing to order in restaurants. The oily, creamer texture was something never made in homes for obvious reasons, so naturally, that is what I wanted to eat then. Fast forward to the present and I like spicier curries, not necessarily heavy on garam masala, but with more flavours than just cream, tomato and sugar. But Indian restaurants are a funny phenomenon if you ask me: every restaurant will serve a Kadhai Paneer or a Paneer Butter Masala, that is different from the next one in colour or in texture or in taste, or if your luck is particularly worse on that day, all of the above. So, now my bench mark for North Indian gravies is set on on a particularly nondescript place in Hyderabad, rather than what the high-end restaurants serve. For the brief spell of eight months that I stayed in Hyderabad as a newly wed, I had a chance to eat a tiny, 2 room eatery called Delhi 39. It had exactly 4 tables and 16 chairs and nothing else, so I guess I don’t have to explain the ambience. But

For the brief spell of eight months that I stayed in Hyderabad as a newly wed, I had a chance to eat a tiny, 2 room eatery called Delhi 39. It had exactly 4 tables and 16 chairs and nothing else, so I guess I don’t have to explain the ambience. But food was amazing, the fulkas ( sorry, no tandoori bread here ) as soft and round and puffy as home made, the curries tasted like they were from a North Indian friends Lunch box ( Rajma was sublime and paneer curries are the best I have tasted!! ) and the paranthas, simply the best paranthas ever. The curries were priced between 45-65 rupees, ( not kidding!! ) and well, that is what I want now whenever I feel like eating north Indian fare. Sadly we moved to Bangalore then, and even the famed Manjit da Dhaba hasn’t been able to match that.

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Shalgam Matar Ki Sabzi – Indian style Turnips and Peas Curry!

Hey there! How are you doing? It’s a brand new year and I am back with a blog post. So, yes, apart from the haze of New Year infused resolutions, I have been meaning to incorporate new vegetables into our meals for a while and I had been eyeing turnips lately. No bad rap or anything, it’s just that I haven’t tried them much.I know I have already waxed lyrical about the wonderful winter produce in my previous post,  but somehow I just don’t seem to get enough of it. So, I made a dry preparation of green peas and turnips to accompany rotis, dal with fenugreek leaves and few pieces of pickled fresh turmeric root. I know it sounds like I dumped a lot of winter vegetables on our plate in one go but it was fun. Here is the recipe without much random muttering!

#latergram – Shalgam Matar Sabzi, Methi Daal and Fulkas because winter makes you try out vegetables you have never tried before! 😍 The Turnip and Green peas stir fry is extremely simple and tastes pretty much on the lines of the dry preparation of Aloo Gobhi / Aloo Matar. The recipe is from @tarladalal and is a keeper in my opinion! ❤️ It's a pretty good way to utilise the beautiful turnips one sees in the Sabzi Mandis these days. The Daal is basic Toor Daal that is tempered with Ghee + Cumin + Garlic + a handful of chopped Methi leaves. What are the other vegetable combinations that you have tried with turnip, apart from potatoes and peas? 😊 #turnip #shalgam #whatsonmyplate #easymeals #weekdaymeals #winterproduce #winterveggies

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Rajma Saagwala and My obsession with cookbooks!

I have always loved perusing cookbooks and after acquiring a lot of them recently, I have been leafing through them on a regular basis. Not daily basis but definitely during my weekly meal planning hour. And it has been very useful if I were to be honest. I definitely have more ideas than usual but more than that, I have been cooking a wider variety of vegetables and legumes and that too on a regular basis!  ❤  And one such find has been this Rajma Saagwala, a dry stir fry kind of preparation, using a leafy green vegetable and kidney beans. And while I love kidney beans, the love is reflected here , I often make the regular Rajma Chawal – onion and tomato based gravy version served with steamed rice, but that’s pretty much how I make Rajma. So, to change that, I decided to make with Spinach.

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Tilwale Aloo – Roasted Potatoes studded with sesame seeds and tossed in aromatic spices!

If you are Indian and you do not love thali meals ( an assortment of dishes, served as a combination of complimentary dishes) , I would be amazed. How can you not? I may be wrong, but I feel more satisfied and satiated with I eat a full meal ( also, drowsy, because I invariably overeat, but that is an another story). I believe it is due to the fact that full meals provide us with all the nutritional components that our body needs while giving our taste buds a chance to indulge in some many flavors in one single meal.

So, yesterday being Sunday, I made this thali for our lunch. It comprised of the following things: (dishes mentioned in the clockwise order, starting from the bottom)

*  Pudina Lachchha Parantha – a flaky, layered flatbread flavored with mint, ( here is a pictorial to how I rolled the paranthas )

*  Chhole in Achari Masala ( Chickpeas cooked Indian Pickling Spices such as cumin, mustard seeds, nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida, fennel, etc ) ,

*  Tilwale Aloo ( Skillet roasted potatoes, studded with sesame seeds and mildly flavored with Indian spices ),

*  Akhkha Masoor ( Whole Brown Lentils tempered with a seasoning of garlic, onions and tomatoes along with routine Indian spices ),

*  Jeera Rice ( Rice flavored with whole cumin and fresh cilantro leaves )

and Sirkle wala Pyaaz ( onions pickled in vinegar and salt solution ) !

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Sambhariya Shaak -Vegetables stuffed with a spicy Peanut Coconut mix!

Have your ever wished that you had a magical spice mix which could make even not so favorite vegetables into some serious, mouth watering stuff? I always have. And that is perhaps the only reason, I have loved brinjals even a kid. This sambhariya spice mix is a combination of ground peanuts, coconut, sesame seeds and some amazingly fragarant spices that can be stuffed in a variety of vegetables for an awesome curry to accompany piping hit fulkas. I have tried quite some combinations so far.

The below picture has small brinjals and potatoes stuffed with the sambhariya masala. I think every brinjal hater needs to try these before they make up their mind about the brinjals.

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Hara Bhara Khumbh – Mushrooms in a Spinach Gravy!

I am a cookbook hoarder! There, I have said it. And the tendency to buy cookbooks border obsession. So, then naturally logistics issues happen. Like where will store all of these? Again they have to be at the eye level and not shut away in the attic. (Out of sight IS out of mind for me!) So, then I was gifted a Kindle by the Dearest Husband! 😀 And without boring you with the details, I will say that I and e-Cookbooks officially got engaged!

So, one such cookbook is Healthy Subzis by Tarla Dalal! And like the name says, I really need this to get healthy. I am not very great with eating some of the healthy vegetables, by which I mean that, while I will eat some vegetables once in a while, I need more variety in curries if I am to eat them more frequently! And the book has been more than helpful with that! 🙂 I have tried quite some curries from the book and will update my experiences in future blog post! And for today’s lunch, I tried Hara Bhara Khumbh, which according to the book, is a wondrous combination of vibrant spinach and yummy mushrooms cooked with perky ginger, green chillies and garlic. So, here is the recipe, how I made it with some minor modifications to the recipe.

Saturday lunch when someone like me is let loose at the green grocer's, who has just stocked fresh vegetables! 🙈 – Fulkas – Bhinda Sambhariya ( Pan fried Ladies Finger stuffed with ground peanuts, sesame seeds and spices ) – Hara Bhara Khumbh ( Mushrooms in a Spinach Mint Gravy ) – Gujarati Kadhi – Lilva Rice ( Rice with Tender Indian Beans/Avarekaalu / Mochai Beans, Mint and Spices) I clean and trim the greens on week nights and I have to admit it's a boring task done only with a movie/tv series playing in the background. But it's worth it for weekend lunches like these! 😍 All recipes are adapted from various @tarladalal cookbooks with some minor modifications! Thali 19 of #indianthaliideas ! —– Recipe for Hara Bhara Khumbh: (direct, clickable link to the blog post in the profile @d.srujan ) Ingredients: (makes 3 generous servings) one large bunch of cleaned, trimmed and washed Spinach (roughly 2 cups of leaves, tightly packed), 1 tsp ginger green chilli paste, 2 cloves of garlic, ( the recipe says 4, please adjust to your liking), chopped, 2 tbsp of mint leaves, washed, (not in the original recipe, so you can skip ) 200 gms button mushrooms, cleaned and quartered, 1 small onion, very finely chopped, 2 tsp of oil (the recipe says 1 tsp, but I prefer not to skimp too much on oil), 1 tsp of cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder, salt to taste, 1 tsp sugar (optional, but highly recommended) Method in the comments below. #weekendlunch #bharwanbhindi #fulkas #mochai #avarekaalu #lilva #kadhi #foodcoma #gujaratithali #gujaraticuisine #fullmeals

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