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Theplas | Gujarati whole wheat flatbreads – My Way!

To say that Theplas are a favourite snack in Gujarati homes would be an understatement they are a staple. They are so easy to carry along and such favourites that Gujaratis might probably forget their medication at home but not theplas. I probably don’t need to describe them in detail, but for those who are unacquainted with Indian cuisine, Theplas are flatbreads made from a dough consisting of finely chopped or shredded vegetables ( mostly greens like fenugreek or spinach ), whole wheat flour and spices.

Methi Theplas – The dough consists of Whole wheat +  Soya bean +  Jowar ( Sorghum ) + Bajra ( Pearl Millet ) Flours.

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Whole Wheat Bhature!

So, last weekend, I tried out a few recipes from Jigg’s Kalra’s Prashād and one of them was the recipe for Bhature, which are a pretty much a staple accompaniment to Chhole in any form. Here is the Platter in which I served the Bhatures.

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Peshawari Chhole, Golden ( Crisp on the outside soft on the inside ) Whole Wheat Bhature and Punj Rattani Daal was our Brunch today as a early Valentines Day Celebration! ❤️ Well, one should never wait for a particular day to express affection and for a few reasons, I have been cooking only Daal Roti Sabzi kind of quick meals since a fortnight now. And since February the 14th is going to be a weekday, we celebrating it today! So I decided to treat Mr. Desai today with a few favourites. All the recipes are from "the Czar of Indian Cuisine" Jiggs Kalra's renowned cookbook Prashad. I found an old, fairly battered copy of the book at Blossom a few weeks ago and grabbed like it was the last copy on earth. And to make it even more irresistible, on the front page, there was a note from a loving Mom to her daughter who is about to embark on the marital journey. 👩‍❤️‍👩 Would you put such a book, dripping with love and affection back in the shelf ever? I don't have the heart! 🤗 The Peshawari Chhole had no red chilli powder / green chillies / turmeric / powdered Garam Masala l. It has been flavoured with a Whole Spice + Tea leaves wala muslin cloth satchel while the chickpeas were pressure cooked, and then, ginger, onions and Amchoor ( use AnaarDaana powder if possible, I didn't have any ) ! It's not very garam masala intensive curry, it won't cause any acid reflux! ❤️ The Punj Rattani Daal is something on the lines of Panchmel Daal but with a unique Tadka. It has Kala Jeera + Ghee in the tempering in which tomatoes are cooked till mushy. Then you add dry spices and Bhuno-it ( there is no other word with so much feeling as Bhuno, in Gujarati we have Santadvanu but Indian words are the best 😍😍😍 ) till the oil separates. Finally yogurt is added to the tomatoes before it is poured over the simmering mix of 5 lentils! I wrote a bit too much but I couldn't resist! Have a happy Sunday folks! ❤️ #chhole #chholebhature #peshawarichole #bhature #daal #peshawari #weekendlunch #EveryDayIndianMeals

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Bejar / Bejad Roti ~ taking baby steps to multigrain and gluten free options!

Since the Amazon’s Diwali sale was on, I bought quite some cookbooks at whopping discounts last night. Well, I tell myself this is the last haul every single time, but eventually succumb to temptations the next time I see good books.

One of those books was Tarla Dalal’s Rotis and Subzis. And this beautiful multigrain roti from the Table of contents caught by eye. Bejar / Bejad Roti  is a traditional, multigrain flatbread from the state of Rajasthan in western India. Made with 3 flours, namely whole Wheat flour, Jowar ( Pearl Millet ) Flour and Besan ( Chickpea Flour ), it is a really nutritious alternative to regular whole wheat rotis.

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Bejar Roti – a traditional Rajasthani multi grain flat bread / roti made with a mix of wheat, jowar and besan flours in 2:2:1 proportions and seasoned with green chilli paste, whole roasted cumin, salt and chopped coriander. The recipe is from @tarladalal's cookbook Rotis and Subzis that I bought last night ( It was a steal. 60 bucks. Yes, seriously. ) Normally, I prefer not torturing people with ordinary day-to-day food pics, however I think this is an excellent start for people who want to make a switch to #glutenfree millet flours, especially who have never tried millet flours before. This would be a perfect gradual transition instead of a shock. We will be having it with sprouted Moong Curry and Raita tonight as a cookbook warming ceremony! 😉 P.S. A quick Google search tells me that this may or may not be the authentic recipe for Bejar/Bejad Roti. One variant uses barley flour and besan, another one is exactly like Tarla Dalal's recipe and a third say it uses 5 flours, 2 more in addition to the ones mentioned above. If you are Rajasthani or have authentic and accurate knowledge about this, please feel free to correct me and enlighten me. It will be an invaluable help. I am always up for improvement! ☺☺ #bejar #roti #multigrain #flatbreads #tarladalalrecipe #everydaycooking #wholewheat #jowar #littlemillet #besan #chickpeaflour #vegetarian #vegan #whatvegetarianseat #whatsonmyplate #paleo #tarladalal #rajasthanicuisine

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Methi Dhebra ~ Of Lazy mornings and fresh breakfasts!

I hate rainy and wintry mornings. Period.
No concessions please. I mean, no offence intended, I get up and get about my routine as usual, but something about the cold in the air makes me a bit grumpy. The cold makes it all the more difficult for me to leave the cozy warm confines of my thick and warm comforter and  get out of my bed. The only thing that then improves my mood is a good breakfast.

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Garlic Bread Sticks ~ Proclamation of my love for Gerry Kennedy in P.S. I Love You… and, Garlic Breadsticks!

I have my fair share of lazy days! Days when I want snuggle up in my blanket, order some pizza and watch some sappy rom coms or chick flicks! Days when I feel low and then somewhat like a masochist *shudders*, the only thing that makes me feel better is curling up into my blanket and crying my heart out watching P.S I Love You. And despite my sadness, I cannot help but fall for the smoldering hot Gerard Butler saying,

“Gerry Kennedy: [holding Holly by the shoulders] What do you want? I know what I want, cause I’m holding it in my hands. “

Hey Girl, If you haven’t fallen for Gerry strumming the guitar in his muscular hands and singing ‘Love You Till the end’, you are in the WRONG species!!! 😦

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