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That Place you call Home…!


I am not here to berate or complain. Or find faults. Or sulk. Or mop. Or cry my heart out. I am writing this with a complete sense of contentment in almost all ways. Now, I have never really been a particularly emotional person. I do get attached to people, but then I have never really been the person who takes too much for time to get settled in new situations or surroundings. Maybe, I took birth to personify Darwin’s Evolutionary Principles! Haha, that is the crazy-me-story-spinning-me but jokes apart, I never thought that one fine day, I would be able to call only one unique place as Home.

It’s about 3.5 years I have been married. Changes 2 different cities. Set up kitchens twice from almost scratch. Had my annual share of visits to my parents’ place and my in-laws’ too. But, this time around, I had a different feeling from the rest of the time. Probably because this my longest visit in 3 years, I have been more perceptive this time around. This time, I miss home. No, don’t get me wrong. No that I don’t miss people. Or a person rather. Yes, I do miss my husband. (Sadly, I cannot say about him because currently he is too much into a mango-induced euphoria to miss my presence! We Indians and our fascination with mangoes is a story for another time.) But, what struck me the most was that… I ‘LONG’ to be Home. I am not uncomfortable. I am not sad. I am not alone. I am not depressed. I miss my Home more than I miss my husband! If I were to list out what all I missed….

  • I miss fussing over my kitchen garden for no reason, the first thing in the morning after I wake up.
  • I miss the smell of tempering of coconut chutneys from the neighbors’ kitchen as I climb down the stairs on my way for the morning workout.
  • I miss the smell of Mallipoo/Mogra/Fragrant Jasmine on my way to the park.
  • I miss the chaotic yet rule-abiding traffic in my city.
  • I miss the 4 pm rain showers of Namma Bengaluru!
  • I miss watching the pink and crimson sky that follows the 4 pm showers.
  • I miss the 5 pm Filter Kaapis!
  • I miss the familiarity of my kitchen, walk me in blindfolded and I get the things I want without bringing the whole kitchen down.
  • I miss struggling to communicate with the vegetable grocers and fruit sellers and the feeling of triumph when I am able to communicate effectively.
  • I miss going to Church Street on the weekend, the short metro ride to MG Ride, gleefully swiping my new acquired Metro pass at the check-in points.
  • I miss the ‘Oh when the Blues go marching in!’ chants at Kantiraava Stadium.
  • I miss the occasional thunders and lightning, getting cozy in my favorite blanket and watching Castle over and over again.

Things change over a period of time. And the place you call home, is one of them!

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I look at the empty editor screen and stare it for a while. The frothy filter kaapi in the davara, which was beaming at me a while ago with all the froth on the top, is now throwing sad glances at me, intermittently mocking me for being a coward. As if crying out loud, “For heaven’s sake, its only the first post on your blog!”  I furiously try to think how I am going to start my first post. I type a sentence and scratch delete it out. I repeat it a couple of times more. I feel scared, like the day when I interviewed at a place for my first corporate job. Or the one when I first stood in front of 60 odd students with their faces staring at me, scrutinizing me and wondering how to break the ice with them. Or that first coffee date I had with TH. And then I just take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive in. After a lot of procrastination and hand-wringing, as I type this words, a soothing feeling takes over. Because beginnings are always nervous for me, but once I get over them, everything gets better and everything falls in place. Touchwood! So, here’s to the hope of writing my heart out in future! Amen!