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{ Movie Review } – Advait Chandan’s Secret Superstar!

The Secret Superstar is a charming movie in its spirit, soul and intention, and therefore, while there might be several aspects in which it was lacking, I cannot bring myself to be scathing in my opinion of it. I may not have eloquent praise for it, but at the same time, I must admit that I liked it enough be incapable of being supremely critical of it either.

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{ Movie Review } – Amit Masurkur’s Newton!

I tried to get myself to call Newton a beautiful movie or a great movie or give it any number of pleasant adjectives. Because, for me, the adjective that defined Newton was haunting. Yes, it is a “great” movie as per the regular standards of judging a movie, but if I were to say how I felt watching it, I would say that it is mostly dispiriting. It is a movie filled with blank faces, resignation, apathy, neglect and total disregard for sensitivity in some case. The haunting feel of the movie is only enhanced by who simply it has been shot, sometimes with handheld cameras, and evocative feel of the sound of Sal leaves crunching on the forest floor throughout the movie. The half barren Sal trees of this forest, also known as Dandakaranya from the age of Ramayana, seem to mock you. Yes, they do, because, in today’s times, the only folks bearing the hardships of proverbial Vanvaas ( banishment to the forest ) are the tribals, for whom, the forest has been their home for as long as they know.

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{ Movie Review } – Bareilly Ki Barfi !

If Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch is to be believed, there are only 7 central plots or stories in the world of fiction. So I am not really surprised when the storyline of a movie or a book becomes predictable. But what makes movies like Bareilly Ki Barfi noteworthy is the introduction of local flavors and the embellishments that strike a chord with the audience. Loosely adapted from ‘The Ingredients of Love’ by Nicolas Barreau, it is a light and breezy tale, a comedy of errors of sorts.

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Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! – From Saradindu Bandhyopadhyay’s Bakshi to Dibakar Banerjee’s Bakshy!

If you have known Saradindu Bandhopadhyay’s Byomkesh Bakshi, I am sure you will be eager to see how Dibakar Banerjee’s Byomkesh Bakshy, with a sharp ‘Y’, fares. But don’t sweat it if you haven’t. Our ‘Bhadralok’ sleuth will not disappoint you. So, as a Cumberbatch fan, I went to the cinema hall with very measured expectations. I did not read too many reviews, avoid spoilers like the plague and was not over thinking it all. And I can assure you that, though I did not leave the hall swooning over the movie, I was more than pleased with our Bakshibabu. Continue reading “Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! – From Saradindu Bandhyopadhyay’s Bakshi to Dibakar Banerjee’s Bakshy!”