• An attempt to collect and keep my thoughts in order ( a lazy bum that I am).  Mostly come here to write down the things I often don’t say out loud or the things that randomly come to my crazy mind.
  • Call Bangalore my home where I live with my better half (named DesaiN addressed as The Loving Husband/TLH/ND henceforth) and an imaginary pet. Yes, imaginary because if I bring home a live one, we (i.e Me and the cute pet) both will be kicked out. I know, that is cruel but life isn’t fair right!
  • Suffer from parum-sufficiens-peragrophobia, okay I just made that up. I fear I will die without traveling enough of this beautiful world. Mostly like to go to my kitchen and whip up something edible, yummy and good-looking, but sadly often not at the same time. Sort of inherited another blog in dowry when I gone married (It has chronicles of TLH’s bachelorhood in there) and hence some of my kitchen adventures may be chronicled here
  • Harry Potter Fan (well,  who isn’t right?).  
  • Curious Ok, more than curious about GRR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (I love your never have a deadline approach dude!).
  • An LOTR enthusiast, wish to read the epic fantasy novel.
  • Fantasize about Benedict Cumberbatch, Nathan Fillion and James Spader often in the same dream.
  • Have a bucket list in which the rate at which things are checked off struggle to keep pace with the rate they are added.
  • Trying to be regular for my Chocolatoholics Anonymous and Icecreamoholics Anonymous meetings.

And darn! This has become a long long rant again! I always knew I had trouble keep my mouth shut for longer durations of time!

Dive in often! 🙂

 P.S If you are really curious to know about the name of the blog, I will drop in a few words here. Obviously inspired from the Harry Potter stories, its significance is the meaning goes something like this. The name ‘Pensieve’ is a homonym of ‘pensive’, meaning deeply, seriously thoughtful; but it also a pun, the ‘sieve’ part of the word alluding to the object’s function of sorting meanings from a mass of thoughts or memories. All this is courtesy, the Pottermore website, which you can access here.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. Woah!! Glad to connect with you here too! ☺☺ 🙂 And about the Pensieve thing, I am a mad Potterhead. I still listen to Harry Potter audiobooks at bedtime, so when I was sat down to decide on a name, I knew it had to have a Harry Potter Connection. 😀😀

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