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Ghee Gaud / Ghee Gol – and some happy memories of a Gujarati childhood!

ઘી ગોળ | Ghee Gol or Ghee Gaud is Jaggery mashed with Ghee until smooth, shiny and silky. Since the last time I shared it in one of my meals, it has had quite a few requests. So I decided to get it up on the blog asap.
If I were to be absolutely candid, I am a tad bit hesitant and awkward as I type this. Because never in my mind ( or in any true blue Gujarati’s mind ) does it occur that Ghee Gol needs a separate post. It is like making instant noodles , it is easier than making instant noodles. It is a no brainer that it is more wholesome than instant noodles / ramen bowls. But for us Gujarati kids, ( ‘kids’ part is purely metaphorical, I am old 🤣) , it is more close to our hearts than one can imagine because it is one of those very very early solid foods we eat. Mostly used variety is the Desi variety, deep brown to amber in colour. But sometimes the light, honey coloured beauty called Kolhapuri jaggery / Chikki wala Gud would appear too. Once our milk teeth sprout, our primary introduction to sweetness other than fruits is jaggery. As we grew older, it became our energy / granola bar when rolled into a fulka/chapati/rotlo leftover from lunch, just before we skip out of our homes to play. After that, Ghee Gol blends into the cacophony of adulthood. Never quite disappearing out of our diets, but never do our minds acknowledge it. It makes guest appearances at Uttarayan in Chikkis or in Golpapdi when we are traveling. It doesn’t matter if the travel is 2 days long or 20. Most Gujaratis have a dabba of Golpapdi stashed somewhere. We exhibit our Theplas in full glory but hoard our Golpapdi surreptitiously, rationing the supplies to make it last longer! And then when we grow older, we indulge in nostalgia like I am doing. I could go on without making any more sense so I will stop. There is a richness in jaggery’s sweetness that makes one feel warm, fuzzy & cosy. The recipe starts & ends in the name itself. But then I felt may be, it is uncharted waters for people who are unfamiliar with Gujarati food. So here it is. Adding the process below.

The image is from my own instagram account and can be found here


1 cup of shredded/grated/crumbled jaggery,
1 or may be 2 tsp of ghee, warmed up,
Optional addictives: સૂંઠ / सौंठ / dried ginger powder, a pinch or two of finely ground black pepper. The additives are only infrequently added, may be when we have are sniffling or the cold is refusing to abate. But it’s upto to you. In everyday meals, I just use jaggery and Ghee.


Warm up the ghee until liquid. It should be warm but not blistering hot. If you add it to the ghee you should be able to handle it with your hands. I usually buy a block of jaggery, so I use a small knife to cut slivers out of it in a bowl. Add the dried ginger powder or pepper if using. Drizzle one tsp of ghee over it. With clean hands start mashing and mixing the ghee in. As you mix it in, it will get smoother and smoother, like a ball of soft dough. If you want to indulge or if you are making it for kids, add another tsp of ghee mid-way. Do it till you are satisfied with the smoothness. Since your hands are already greased, roll into small spheres and serve. But you are warned, they are addictive and portion control is difficult.

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