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{ Book Review } – 11/22/63 by Stephen King

  • Title: 11/22/63
  • Author: Stephen King
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Thriller
  • Average Rating on Goodreads: 4.27 stars out of 5
  • Average Rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars out of 5, here
  • Movie Adaptation: An 8-part tv series 11.22.63 on Hulu, starring James Franco, Chris Cooper
  • Year of Publication: 2011

11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King based on the events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963. The novel’s titular date is very much indicative of what the story is all about, with a time traveler traveling back in time to this date and his attempts to prevent this grave event.

So, while this book has a lot of consistencies with the Lone Gun Man theory, the mystery of JFK assassination is not the sole theme of the novel.

Currently Reading – 11/22/63 by Stephen King is a sci-fi/historical fiction ( its got time travel 😍😍) based on the assassination of JFK and soon to be telecast Hulu series that starts next week. This is probably my first book that I am reading at @d.nishit 's recommendation, so it better be good 😝. Also, it has @jamesfrancotv in the lead role, looking dapper in the trailer 😍. Now, I have to watch the series and, there fore, have to read the book before it starts. Book 4/25 which completes the Historical Fiction category of my current year's reading challenge. If you have already read this, please drop in your reviews about it, but no spoilers please! 😀 #112263 #112263onhulu #stephenking #historicalfiction #scifi #currentlyreading #goodreads #readingchallenge2016 #readingchallenge #currentlyreading #currentreads #recentreads #currentlyloving #bookworm #bookclub #bibliophile

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The Time Travel plot and the “Obdurate” Past theory take up a lot of the portion of the book and not only make it interesting but also prevent the book from becoming an another boring essay on whodunit angle of this historical event. The book begins with a recently divorced high school teacher Jake Epping going on with his drab life teaching kids and taking up a GED class to make some extra money. In one such class, he reads an essay penned by a learning impaired janitor, Harry Dunning, who also has a mild physical disability, on how he survived a horrifying night from his childhood involving his father turning up with a sledge hammer and massacring his rest of the family.  Jake is emotionally affected and  becomes close friends with Harry. He is then introduced by Al Templeton, the owner of a local diner that Jake frequents, to a time portal, or a “rabbit hole” as Al calls it, which transports a person to September 9, 1958, at 11:58 a.m. He explains the details of the portal and his experiences of time travelling to a skeptical Jake and tries to convince him of preventing the JFK assassination by changing the past.

I won’t go into the science of time travel described in the book and kill the fun for you. But a still skeptical Jake decides to test the theory by trying to change Harry’s past. But a change in the past impacts the present and Jake learns of the consequences once he is back. What these consequences are, I won’t reveal, but the author outlines them in a highly logical and believable way. It’s no hocus pocus here, and that what appeals to me. Before Jake could change his mind about averting the JFK assassination, Al commits suicide forcing Jake to go ahead with the plan. And that is where the real thriller begins.

It would seem like I have already told you half of the story but this is just the premise. With Stephen King, I don’t need to say the writing style is mature and so. The middle portion of the book has a lot of drama nowhere does it go dull. Now, a confession here before I proceed. The book is long, and by long I mean, 866 pages long. So that made this book a tough read for me. It made me feel that that I had to get this book off my chest. And thought I could not read and read for the whole day, this book made me want. I got restless and yet, did not want to take a break from reading this. And since the author gets his facts and the period related details correct, the book keeps the reader engrossed. It will test your patience, will want to make you scream about why is it so long, and yet you won’t regret picking up this book. While this is my first Stephen King book, I have to admit that the book makes me want to read for the maestro’s work.

  • My Rating: 4 stars out 5
  • Recommendation: Its a very long read, to be really honest. But, gripping on most occasions. Good mix of fiction and fact, and because it is well researched you won’t find too many loopholes in here. If you enjoy a good mix of fiction and thriller, this is the book for you.

This will be my this week’s entry to the wonderful event called Book Review Day, hosted by Nivedita of Weird and Wonderful and the event called Friday Reads hosted by Lauren of L Jones Edition.


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