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Daily Ritual – Daily Doses of Caffeine and Magic!

Everyone has a routine, who doesn’t? So, for the WordPress Daily Prompt Just Another Day, it was really obvious what would I be blabbering about. Two of my favorite things in the world, Coffee and Harry Potter.

Coffee charmed me her hypnotic ways very recently. Growing up, my attitude towards coffee was apathetic, but I am guessing because I never had the exposure to charms of a fresh brew of these enchanting beans, getting an occasional taste of dull instant coffee because well, like all good kids, I grew up drinking milk. There was no mystic surrounding it either. Well, coffee is only coffee right? Brown, bitter that’s it. Also, student life was blissful without the rigors of professional life. Who needs coffee, I could get up, go through my morning routine and appear for a class with a simple breakfast and a glass of milk. Then, life brought me to Southern India, where coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a vibe. Wafting smells of filter coffee from the neighboring houses, the whiffs of this magical potion wafting from the streetside eateries mingled with a fragrance of jasmine buds, washed and kolam adorned courtyards, its was as captivating for me as Narnia! And like a good girl, I took my first steps into Dosa Making and Kaapi brewing. I am blabbering away in the wrong direction again. Where does this fit into my routine? Well, coffee, or Kaapi, as we call it here in Namma Bengaluru, is my fix of cheer, especially on the mornings of sleep deprivation. I mostly brew myself a cup at least thrice a week, but even if I don’t grab a tumbler at home, I have to have a dose as soon as I reach my workplace. Oh, I forgot to tell you, we don’t do a cup of joe, here in Bengaluru. We raise our Davaraas of Kaapi to life!

Oh! What joy it is to gulp down this frothing cup of ambrosia! The bubbles are hypnotic to be honest. You cannot help but feel cheerful simply by looking and smelling this seriously addictive stuff.

Okay, enough of Coffee. I will move over to another ritual via which I end my day. I wind down and go to sleep listening to a chapter from any of the Harry Potter books. Why you would ask, because it is a fantasy and helps escape reality for a while? Not really. I think, the Harry Potter Universe, in my opinion, as fair and just as our world. All emotions of love, familial ties, friendship, right and wrong are same as in real world. This topic merits another post in itself so I will not go ahead and babble unnecessarily. But, I will say this, and not because I am a Potterhead. But, every rereading seems to provide me with a whole new insight about the book and in extension, life. I might come across as crazy but well, I will keep my faith and you can keep the skepticism.

I will finish with my favorite quote one of my favorite quotes from the book.

Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.

I really find solace in words at times. Sometimes, by pouring them out here and sometimes by drinking them in from the books. And so, they aptly constitute my winding down ritual.

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