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Quilling Tutorials by Lulupu – My Experiences!

Quilling or paper filigree is a delicate art. For those who are unaware of this wonderful art, quilling involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which then are used to adorn greeting cards and other objects, including making jewellery. When I learnt quilling, it was not really a smooth road for me. I learnt quilling via self-exploration of youtube videos and some help from my sister who already knew the basics of quilling. Also, because she lives in a different city, it was not really possible for me to approach her for every small difficulty I had while learning. While I have made reasonable progress, I still feel that if I had a come across a systematic Hands-On tutorial of sorts, my journey would have been way smoother.

I was recently invited by Lulupu – the Craft Lounge and Infinite Emotions – the Card Shop to undertake and share my experiences with their Quilling Tutorial – Beginner Course. And here is my experience about the same. The link to buy the course is here. More information can be easily sourced by dropping a mail at with ‘Query – Beginner Course’ in the subject line for more details about the course.

The Course is 3 modules online course with Hi definitions videos. It includes over 6 hours of high quality, comfortably paced video content that will help to learn the minutest of the details of quilling basics. The voice over is currently in English, and they are also working to get the instructions in Hindi soon. The content is spread out over 3 days and divided into portions of content that can be grasped and executed in a day’s time. The paced is very comfortable without any attempt to cram in excessive information without adequate teaching and care.

The course content is split into 3 modules as under:

Day 1 (Module 1)

  • Pointers you understand the various equipment and supplies needed for quilling. The guidance provided is quite comprehensive. The instructor patiently touches all the points that come to a beginner’s mind when he/she takes up an art. Almost all necessary as well supplementary tools have been covered in adequate detail.
  • Tips to help you establish good habits / best practices while quilling. The thing is until the rolling of the coils becomes sort of a second nature to you, you need to follow are certain habits which will help you in a long run. While it might sound like too much of a fuss about too simple things, but you need to exactly need to know these fundamental aspects of rolling. Clearer these concepts are, easier it becomes for you to learn new shapes and methods as you advance in the course.
  • All the basic shapes and scrolls that are used in the art of quilling are taught one by one. More than 30 shapes and scrolls are taught. Enough time is spent on each of shapes emphasizing on all the points including how to get shapes with a good finish.
  • All the supplies needed for upcoming hands-on projects ( in Day 2 ) is provided at the end of this session which helps the learner to get his/her things in order when the next set of video tutorial comes up.

Day 2 (Module 2, after a gap of 1 day from the previous module )

  • This module involves 3 projects, 2 Greeting Cards and 1 Gift Tag.
  • Each project has a dedicated video and a PDF document entailing the precise tools and supplies needed for the same.
  • The supplies are simple but with a beautiful effort. As a beginner, one can get easily overwhelmed with a long list of supplies and an excessively long method. But the instructions and supplies list is very concise and clear.
  • The basic projects are simple enough to execute for a newbie, yet they give enough of clarity on the selection of color and size of shapes and placement of the shapes made by the learner.
  • The gap between the 2 modules is intentional so as to allow for time to grasp and absorb whatever is learnt in the previous module.
  • Here are some of the images I took while learning through this course

The pace of the lessons is very comfortable. I never really experienced any unnecessary hurry in moving through the videos.

Day 3 ( Module 3, after a gap of 1 day from the previous module )

  • This includes 3 more projects, 2 Greeting Cards and 1 Gift Tag, which includes newer shapes from the previous modules.
  • The variety of projects is refreshing. There is adequate element of challenge in each project and at the same time, enough ease of execution due to the PDF document provided with the same.

Other salient features of the Course:

  • The video descriptions have timestamps pointing to important steps in the projects as well as for each of the shapes and scrolls. It is very easy to revisit a particular segment of view with these stamps without having to waste time pointing the time cursor at the correct position.
  • If you have any questions or want to discuss a technique with our instructor, it can be done over a video call. This feature is available to you once you buy the course.
  • In addition to the course material, Details and Steps for SIX ADDITIONAL projects will be made provided to you in PDF format complete with pictures, measurements and list of products used.
  • The audio quality is very good in terms of clarity and the speech by the instructor is very easy to grasp. There are no lesser known or complicated terms used in the videos or the PDFs.

Summarising my review, I would say the course is a worthy investment for anyone wanting to learn paper quilling the proper way. My rating for the various aspects of the course are as below:

  1. Video Quality – 4.5 out of 5, adequate zooming in when need and proper focusing on tiny shapes and scrolls while teaching.
  2. Audio Quality – 4 stars out of 5, very light background noise in one of the videos, but nothing that could hamper the learning.
  3. Speech clarity 5 stars out of 5, the speech is very clear, free of any unnecessary accents or complex technical words.
  4. Extent of detail – 4 stars out of 5, The supporting documents and the time stamps make it very easy for the student to clarify any step or point.
  5. Variety of projects – 5 stars out of 5, helps builds a concrete idea in the student’s mind about how to compose and execute any quilling project in the correct order.

The link to buy the course is here.  You can also mail them at with ‘Query – Beginner Course’ in the subject line for more details about the course.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Lulupu – the craft lounge for this tutorial, however all the opinions are mine, completely accurate and fully honest.



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