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{Book Review } – The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey!

The 5th Wave is a young adult, science fiction novel written by Rick Yancey and is the 1st installment of a trilogy. The story tracks Cassiopeia Sullivan, or Cassie as she prefers to be called, a 16-year-old girl and the protagonist, and the tumultuous happenings in her life when the world is invaded by the aliens in a series of waves of attacks and how she copes with it. The story opens sometime after the 4th wave of attacks and at a point where the world, and few remaining survivors, have been pushed to Stone age, camping, hunting and doing whatever it needs to survive. Trust no one is the motto everyone seems to follow in order to survive. In order to not reveal spoilers, I won’t divulge any further into the story because I think a lot of folks would be intending to read the book before the motion picture adaptation releases.

To be honest, I picked this up with a bit of trepidation, because I am not a big time fan of cloyingly mushy teenage / young adult fiction. Not at all a fan of badass adolescent heroines à la Katniss who cannot decide whether they are independent, with an opinion of their own, or the kind who ( at  the drop of a hat ) develop feelings for their perceived saviors. The alien part fascinated me ( doesn’t it fascinate you, honestly? ). Also, the part that fact that the aliens in this book aren’t pink or purple colored, oddly shaped masses who spoke what sounded like gibberish. There is more to the aliens in this book than that. And that is one of the strong points of the book. The narrative is definitely engaging. The Point of Views (POV) in the book keep alternating between Cassie and Ben Parish, aka Zombie, also a teenage boy, another of the characters in the book. Initially, it will be a bit confusing about where one person’s POV starts and another person’s ends, but after a few chapters, it will be quite clear.

Coming to the parts which I did not really enjoy, for one, I did not really get the whole teenage angst thing about Cassie. In fact, the portrayal of this aspect is so weak, that I feel it comes across more as teenage nagging interspersed with too many ‘OMG I think I am falling for his chocolate brown eyes’ moments.  Also, the excitement builds up a bit from time to time, as the alien part develops and blooms, but suddenly falls flat and all you have is a teenage girl fantasizing about the boy with chocolate smelling breath ( seriously ? ) and thinking about whether or not she should trust him. Also, the story just skims over the science part although it is supposed to be a science fiction and focus more on weapons and attack tactics.

I would summarize it as better than Divergent and Maze Runner, but not as good as Hunger Games. And that is after considering the fact that, while I like Hunger Games Trilogy, I don’t think of it a brilliant piece of literature in its genre. So, I am curious enough to give its next part a try, but I am not sure if I will complete the trilogy.

  • My Rating: 3 stars out 5
  • Recommendation: Pick it up as a casual read if you are intending to watch the movie ( I have to warn you, the early reviews are really bad ). But, don’t have your hopes up.


This will be my this week’s entry to the wonderful event called Book Review Day, hosted by Nivedita of Weird and Wonderful and the event called Friday Reads hosted by Lauren of L Jones Edition.



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