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Meal Planning Mondays – Meal Prep Plan 7 : Week of 11/1/16 to 17/1/16 !

I have been so far lagging behind with my meal planning resolution this year. I took a mega break of sorts, Diwali took a big chunk out the healthy eating goals of November, then I went home ( I am hopeless at eating well when temptations galore), then two big fat Indian weddings ( oh, nightmare if you are trying to maintain / lose weight ) and the I got swayed while pampering my sweet sister who was visiting me (to be honest, I pampered myself too under that pretext).

Well well, no point crying over the spilt milk. Hope I will be as good as I am before I took a break for a while atleast. How’s the New Year treating you?

The Meal Plan with the shopping list for the same is as under:

Plan no. 14 after a loooong break. Back to routine after one Diwali hiatus, two big fat Indian weddings, one long trip home and a rules-free week when the sister was here. Its 10 long weeks without regimented meal planning. Hope I can be as good this year as I have been for the 4 months before I took this break. Week 14 of #beingarmedwithaplan . P.S. There is no prep for the sprouts, ( it slipped out of my mind to add in there) in the plan, because I usually make a big batch of sprouts over the weekend and refrigerate. If nothing, I usually atleast have the process of soaking started sometime during the weekend. P.P.S There is far less cutting chopping involved this week because when I went home last time, I got myself a big batch of green beans and veggies all cleaned, trimmed and chopped, thanks to my awesome mom, mom in law and grand mom. So, I am having fun while the stock in the freezer lasts! 😎😎 #mealplanning #weeklymealplanning #newyearresolution #groceryshoppingsimplified #gettingorganized #mealprepping #igers

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Also, I have a small checklist handy in the last column, which should help you with shopping. Hope you find this helpful in any small way. Happy Planning to you!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Shopping List
Mon          Akki Roti Mushroom Peas Curry + Rotis Aloo Gobhi + Rotis + Beetroot Peanut Salad, Prep ~ Defrost Green Chana (Shell them if using fresh) Vermicelli, Cauliflower, Beetroot, Green Peas, Mushrooms, Green Chans
Tue Vermicelli Upma, Prep ~ Soak Daal + Rice Green Chana Curry + Rotis Soup Night, Prep ~ Grind Batter Wheat Vermicelli, Idli Rice , Lentils of choice, cluster beans (if using fresh)
Wed Mixed Daal Paniyaram  Moong Sprouts Curry + Rotis Gobhi Paranthas, Prep ~ Defrost cluster beans ( clean and chop them if using fresh Moong Beans, Carrots, Salad Greens
Thurs Cereal + Milk Cluster beans curry + Rotis Salad Night, Prep ~ Make Thepla Dough Vaal ( Lima Beans/Butter Beans )
Fri Carrot Thepla, Prep ~ Soak Vaal Carrot Peas Curry +  Vaal + Rotis/Rice
Sat Brunch – Daal Dhokli + Rice Flexi
Sun Flexi Flexi Flexi

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