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Meal Planning Mondays – Meal Prep Plan 5 : Week of 1/11 to 7/11 !

A quick quick post, ( I am typing this from under my blanket, all bleary eyed) just so that I don’t miss my Monday Series!

I am bracing up for a super busy week and hence I have a low key week and similar meal plan in place! And as I am lazy, I will just put up the picture ! It includes all my combat plans and some notes below it. Hope it helps! 🙂

* Using store bought Idli batter and using it up in the first half of the week.
* Stocking the fridge with Boiled Potatoes and using it up in the first half of the week.
* Like other perishables, use up bread first.
* Using the Peas Potatoes curry on one day with Fulkas/Rotis and the next day for Masala Dosa. * Make Sambar for two meals in one go
* On days when I am making simple stuff, like Wednesday and Friday, make dough for the rotis for the upcoming days.
* Make one pot curries like Moong and Rajma where you can temper in the pressure cooker itself, add just enough water and cook. Meanwhile, as the curry is getting ready, you can me the rotis in parallel. Pressure cooker is my best friend.
That's it. If the schedule eases up mid week, may be I will get some shopping done and experiment a bit!

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