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Meal Planning Mondays – Meal Prep Plan 5 : Week of 26/10 to 31/10 !

Yes, I am back with a meal plan for the week and I am super excited! I have so much to catch up on my kitchen experiments. Well, there are some surprises and some ideas that I had planned for the last week reused. I am trying out Ragi / Finger Millet and I am super stoked. It is really healthy and at the same time, I do not know how my recipes will turn out. But till then, fingers crossed!

The Meal Plan with the shopping list for the same is as under:

Also, I have a small checklist handy in the last column, which should help you with shopping. Hope you find this helpful in any small way. Happy Planning to you!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Shopping List
Mon          Ragi Idli, Prep –  Soak Chickpeas, Moong Carrots  Peas Curry + Fulkas Chickpeas and Soya Tikki Wraps Chick Peas, Soya Granules, Carrots Peas
Tue Ragi Oothapam/Dosa Palak Corn Curry + Fulkas Salad Night, Prep – Grate paneer Spinach, Sweet Corn, Salad Veggies
Wed Samai / Little Millet Upma Paneer Bhurji + Fulkas Moong Sprouts Curry + Fulkas, Soak Chia Seeds + Milk Little Millet, Cottage Cheese / Paneer, Moong Beans Sprouts (prepared), Chia Seeds
Thurs Chia Seeds + Milk, Prep – Soak Dry Peas Fruits / Buttermilk Sev Usal, Prep – Chop Cauliflower Curd, Dry Peas, Sev, Cauiflower
Fri Rava Pongal Cauliflower Potato Curry + Fulkas Soup Night, Prep – Boil Potatoes Semolina, Split Moong Daal, Potatoes, Soup Veggies
Sat Potatoes Peas Parantha Brinjal Potato Curry +  Kadhi Khichdi Thai Red Curry + Brown Rice Green Peas, Brinjals, Curd, Thai Red Curry Paste, Brown Rice, Coconut Milk
Sun Flexi Flexi Flexi

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