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Meal Planning Mondays – Meal Prep Plan 4 : Week of 19/10 to 24/10

I know, I know, it is Tuesday and not Monday! But, as a matter of habit, I am going through with this post! I wasn’t feeling well a bit on a last couple of days, took a break and missed out a bit on cooking. However, I have nothing to despair because this is exactly why I meal plan in the first place. Having a plan in place helps me get back on schedule so easily. I can pick out the meal ideas which I have missed, select the ones which need little or no preplan for the first day of being back to my schedule, and carry on with the rest of the days as if nothing happened. So, despite it being a Monday, I am going to post my meal plan for the week and update a few recipes from the past week. You can see my other meal planning posts here.

This week however, I won’t be putting up a grocery list, not as of now at least. I will update it later if possible, the reason being, I haven’t made a list myself. I will try and use vegetables and groceries I already have in my pantry and buy things on need basis from my neighbourhood green grocer rather than making a trip to the super market. So, till next week, happy planning!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Mon          Scrambled Eggs, Prep – Soak Moong Potato Capsicum Curry + Fulkas    Baigan Bharta, Prep – Make Thepla Dough, Clean and Cut Bhindi
Tue Radish Thepla Bhindi Curry  + Fulkas Salad Night, Prep – Soak Chia seeds  + Milk
Wed Chia Milk Pudding Fruits/Buttermilk Moong Sprouts Curry + Fulkas
Thurs Flexi, Prep – Soak Ragi  + Urad Flexi (Dusshera) Flexi, Prep – Make batter
Fri Ragi Idli Carrots + Peas Curry + Rotis Soup Night, Prep – Soak Chickpeas
Sat Ragi Dosa Kadhi Khichdi Soya + Chickpeas Tikki Wrap
Sun Kapuria Flexi Flexi

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