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Meal Planning Mondays ~ Meal Prep Plan 2: Week of 21/9 to 26/9

Here’s my second post for the series ‘Meal Planning Mondays’! It is getting easier to make this a habit, but I will not be over-confident and jinx this! 😀 However, I am disappointed with the fact that I haven’t really been able to update the new recipes that I tried here, on the blog! Let’s see if I can change that.

The Meal Plan with the shopping list for the same is as under:

Like I mentioned in the last post, since Indian pantries are usually well stocked, my shopping lists will be brief. However, I try to keep a small checklist handy, which I check the previous day, to make sure that I have the essential stuff at hand. Hope you find this helpful in any small way. Happy Planning to you!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Shopping
Mon Poha, Prep – Soak Masoor, Lentils for Adai Cabbage Peas Curry                                        Tomato Rice + Raita, Prep – Grind Adai Batter and refrigerate, soak chana Poha, Masoor, Cabbage, Peas, Tomatoes, Curd, Chana
Tue Adai Desi Chana Curry Panzanella Salad, Prep – make green chutney, Mint, Coriander, Fried Bengal Gram
Wed Cucumber Chutney Sandwich Daal Fry + Rice Mint Masoor Wrap, Prep – Soak Chia seeds in Milk Cucumber, Butter, Bread, Chia Seeds
Thurs Cocoa, Chia and Banana Milk Pudding Fruits/Lassi Palak Paneer, Prep – chop french beans Bananas, Spinach, Paneer/Cottage Cheese, French Beans
Fri Rava Appe French Beans Curry Soup Night Semolina, Curd
Sat Akki Roti Brinjal Curry + Jolada Roti Dabeli Rice Flour, Jowar/Millet Flour, Baby Brinjals, baby Potatoes, Paav
Sun Kapuria Flexi Flexi

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