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Garlic Bread Sticks ~ Proclamation of my love for Gerry Kennedy in P.S. I Love You… and, Garlic Breadsticks!

I have my fair share of lazy days! Days when I want snuggle up in my blanket, order some pizza and watch some sappy rom coms or chick flicks! Days when I feel low and then somewhat like a masochist *shudders*, the only thing that makes me feel better is curling up into my blanket and crying my heart out watching P.S I Love You. And despite my sadness, I cannot help but fall for the smoldering hot Gerard Butler saying,

“Gerry Kennedy: [holding Holly by the shoulders] What do you want? I know what I want, cause I’m holding it in my hands. “

Hey Girl, If you haven’t fallen for Gerry strumming the guitar in his muscular hands and singing ‘Love You Till the end’, you are in the WRONG species!!! 😦

And do you know, the Husband Dearest did almost utter these words one fine day! Naaaah! Don’t get too excited. He said that after a long bout of indecisive fiddling and arguing about what to order for dinner one night. I was saying I wanted breadsticks and some pizza.. but not necessarily pizza.. only breadsticks will do… but then a slice of pizza won’t be too bad… not not without some breadsticks…and then they won’t deliver unless we order a pizza………. And he lost it. He did say ‘What do you want?” and I had started feeling a bit of giddiness when I realised the trailing words weren’t what I was expecting. They were ‘Please decide fast. I am hungry and if it we delay any further they might just not deliver’!

Well, so henceforth, my expectations have been immensely measured and guarded, but I still remember this one last time I left my guard down with a tinge of sadness…  And I have realised I have fallen in love with the Garlic Breadsticks a long ago! 🙂 I do love my pizza, but then I realize I love the breadsticks even more! So, here’s my experiment trying to make some on a weeknight! Husband gave a few remarks about something, which I ignored, fully knowing that since he polished it off, then this must be good stuff! Do give it a try and lemme know how did you like it!

Garlic Breadsticks!
Garlic Breadsticks!
  • In a mixing bowl, bring together a party of  1/2 cup of water, 1/2 tsp of active dry yeast and 1 tsp of sugar and keep aside for 5-10 minutes or until the yeast is frothy and bubbly with enthusiasm.
  • Throw in 1 cup of flour, 1 tbsp olive oil and mix into a dough. Don’t worry if its a bit on the looser side, the dough isn’t competing for the title of Mr.America! 😛 .
  • Cover and let it rise to the occasion until it doubles – about 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Now add the another cup of the dough, another tbsp of olive oil, some salt and 1 tbsp of garlic. Bind into a dough and mix really well for about 10-15 mins till its nice and pliable.
  • Let it rise in a warm place until it doubles. Sip on some wine or do something fun! I spent the time dreaming of how will it turn out! 🙂 Go away to have some fun!
  • Smear a baking tray with olive oil and preheat the oven to 180 C.
  • Flour your counter top with some cornmeal or sooji (cream of wheat) and roll the dough to a slightly thick round.
  • Top with the grated cheese, jalapeños and corn, you know if you are like me and like the stuffed version. Skip if you are like my better half who likes it plain! Meh! Boring, i know! 😦
  • image

  • Fold the circle of dough dough to resemble a semi circular shape.
  • Transfer it to the baking tray and smear the rest of the olive oil on top and top with the oregano seasoning very generously. Be generous, you don’t make it too often! 😉
  • image

  • Separate into strips using a pizza cutter and bake for 12-15 minutes or until the bread is golden brown on top.
  • Gobble it up! What are you waiting for! 😀
  • image


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